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The McLaughlin’s are Moving to India

I finally got the last of the kids' passport pictures today.Annabelle - almost 10, Lillian - 7, Bennett - 4, Flynn 1

I finally got the last of the kids’ passport pictures today.
Annabelle – almost 10, Lillian – 7, Bennett – 4, Flynn 1

Tony has accepted a new position with Cessna:  Design Head of  Cessna India.  This means that our family will be living in Bangalore, India for two years.

Tony and I will be leaving in the second week of April for our house hunting trip and I will return home alone.  Near the end of May, Tony will be flying back to Wichita to help me finishing packing up everything we need for the next two years and the family will make the day-long series of flights to Bangalore.  We will be living in Bangalore for two years, from June 2013 to June 2015.

We are keeping our house in Wichita so that hopefully in two years, our kids can return to the same schools and we can somewhat resume the life we left.

Everyone is excited for the adventure.  Well, except maybe Flynn.  As long as someone feeds him and entertains him, he could care less in what country his home is located.

My intent is to keep this blog both for our friends and family and for myself to keep track of our experiences as expats.

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2 thoughts on “The McLaughlin’s are Moving to India

  1. Best of luck to you guys! Keep us posted!

  2. Sarah Miller on said:

    wow – that’s huge. What a great experience for your kids too! Casey’s family lived in the Netherlands several years when he was young (with Boeing) and he remembers it fondly. Love and prayers to all of you as you prepare for this awesome journey!
    Sarah M

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