Lions and Tigers and Peacocks, Oh My!

Letter of Assignment

Tony signed his Letter of Assignment yesterday.  That means that the move is officially ON.  We didn’t expect any surprises when he got the paperwork, but both still went through it with a fine-toothed comb.  We did find one surprise, but it was a really good one.  We get over 1500 lbs of air freight to help with our move!  We were working on figuring out how to move a minimal amount of belongings in only suitcases and foot lockers.  That meant that the kids got very few toys and I was concerned about bringing the next size of clothes for Flynn (since we have a complete wardrobe of hand-me-downs from Bennett).  Everything else was exactly what we expected, so Tony signed and returned the letter only a few hours after he received it.

Since I know that most Americans aren’t too familiar with Indian geography, I thought I would include a map.  Bangalore is in the south (in purple below).  It has a nice tropical climate.  The temperature ranges from 66 to 85 degrees F (I am going to have to get comfortable with degrees C) with an average humidity of 65%.  We just learned yesterday that even the high-end houses don’t have heaters.  We might need a couple of extra blankets for cold mornings.

I am pouring through a travel guide of India in the evenings before bed.  I have discovered after about 100 pages (it’s a 1400+ page book), that the author has little interest in Bangalore.  I get the idea that he thinks it’s a modern city therefore there is little to see.  (Sounds like the right place to live.)  I haven’t gotten to the pages specific to Karnataka (the state it’s in) yet, so I am interested to see what he says in that dedicated section.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about Bangalore, here’s the VERY comprehensive Wikipedia page.


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