Lions and Tigers and Peacocks, Oh My!

So much to do

Since my last post, we have done so many things and I feel like we are just treading water.

On Thursday (2/14) we had a 90 min teleconference with a woman from the company organizing our move.  She was supposed to be helping us to understand all of the details of the international assignment policies and at least 15 minutes of the conversation was us telling her that she was reading the document incorrectly.  (“and” versus “or”)  We all had the same document in front of us and, of course, each of her errors would take benefits away.  It was frustrating, but we have a copy of what Tony signed, whether she can read it or not.

We tried to get the kids’ passports on Friday, a logistical trick since all 6 of us have to be there at the same time.  After we got to the post office with a huge stack of paperwork, we figured out that I misread the narrow window that it could be done.  We will have to take the girls out of school next week and have Tony take off work to meet us there.

Then there’s all those other little things that need done.  On Friday, Tony spent hours completing his visa paperwork.  I arranged to get our security system updated and reactivated and I set up quotes with painters because our exterior trim can’t go two more years without paint.

On Saturday, we were reminded that the rest of our life still goes on, regardless of our move. We had two basketball games and two dance classes plus the girls have Girl Scout cookies to sell.

On Monday, we took the girls out of school over lunch so we could get their passports.  That was a long, miserable experience at the post office with all four kids, but we did get to stop at Five Guys for lunch afterward.

Throughout the next week, I wasted half of a day hanging out with the security system installer, but it is done.  I spent many hours sewing a custom outfit for a customer (WHY did I take another order?) and I spent another couple of hours altering Lillian’s dance costumes before her pre-competiton dress rehearsal.  (Why can’t they just make all of the costume parts in the size they are ordered?)  I also met with three painters to discuss our painting work.  One of them still hasn’t emailed his bid.  Apparently he doesn’t want my business too badly.

Indus Image

Indus International School Bangalore

The most enjoyable, move related activity I did this week was to contact the school that we expect the kids will attend.  I had previously done research on a couple of schools and I liked this one, but I hadn’t contacted them yet.  If you’re interested in seeing it, there’s a virtual tour here:

Just to open it and spin the picture 360 at the entrance is pretty spectacular.  (Lillian wants to go there based entirely on the appearance of the school.)  Tony and I will visit a couple of schools when we are there in April to look for a house.

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