Lions and Tigers and Peacocks, Oh My!

Have I Mentioned the Paperwork???

I am not sure that I would have agreed to this had I known the INSANE amount of paperwork the move would entail.  Every day, Tony forwards an email to me about a new form that I have to fill out.

Here's a tidbit for you:  These passports cost $640!  It's the company's money, but I was shocked.

Here’s a tidbit for you: These passports cost $640! It’s the company’s money, but I was shocked.

We have received all of our passports, but we don’t all have visas yet.  Tony got his temporary work visa the other day.  That means that the rest of us can now apply for visas to “accompany” him based on his approval.  But to do that, we have to mail off our passports.  We can’t do that yet, because Tony and I are supposed to be flying out on our house hunting trip in less than a month and aren’t sure that my passport will be back in time.  Back when he applied for his visa, I applied for a tourist visa to be sure I would be able to make the house hunting trip.  It just added one more set of forms to the stack.

Applying for my Indian visa was the most  redundant set of forms I have done yet.  As hilarious as it sounds, the Indian government has outsourced it’s visa process to an American company.  First, I filled out the visa application for the Indian embassy.  Then, I filled out an application for the company to accept my visa application.  They both contained the same information.  To make it even more redundant, I had to scan in the visa application that I had just printed and insert sections of it onto the application to accept the application.

Last weekend, we all had to fill out forms about our cultural awareness.  We will be attending cultural training on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Actually, the little boys aren’t invited, but they have separate classes for the kids and the adults.  I guess the forms are supposed to give our trainers a place to start.  I will let you know what we learn.  The girls are supposed to come with art supplies, so I suspect their classes will be more fun than ours.

After I sent those forms in, I had to fill out an online questionnaire to determine how my relating, regulating and reasoning profiles compare with those in other countries.  I learned something interesting.  I don’t belong in the USA.  I don’t fit great with India either, but I should really move to Tanzania, Croatia, Luxembourg, Australia or Greece.  Tony and I are very much the same in our ways of thinking.

Tony has been wrestling with even more forms than I have.  Apparently, the process for reimbursement on our purchases is virtually impossible or at least he hasn’t totally figured it out yet.  Hopefully he gets that figured out soon, because there will be lots of things to file for reimbursement.

Aside from filling out forms, we are about to get started packing a few trunks to take with us when we go on our house hunting trip.  Since Tony is staying there, we are going to pack light for the trip and then use our extra allowed baggage to get a few things over there ahead of time.  We are going to start with some books that Lillian and Bennett aren’t quite ready to read yet and some sewing for me.  Beyond that, we will have to decide what we can do without for two months that we actually want to take with us.

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