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New Luggage


This most definitely does not deserve it’s own post, but I wanted to share the picture. Yesterday, the girls and I went shopping for new luggage. The boys each have their own carry-on already, but the girls have outgrown the little-kid-size rolling suitcases that they had. The family needed one more large suitcase, so since we have all neutral styles right now, I got a cool purple suitcase for me (my favorite color). I really wanted one of the obnoxious ones printed with giant flowers or something, but I wasn’t willing to spend $250+ on one suitcase.

Both girls chose the same style suitcase with the hard case and both found exactly the color/print that they wanted. Lillian’s is blue, as I suspect every article of clothing within it will be and Annabelle’s is the leopard print. She’s been in love with leopards for years. She is REALLY hoping that she gets to see one in India.

The black cases in the back are footlockers. We each get 3 pieces of luggage when we travel and those are MUCH less expensive than buying regular luggage (plus they stack nicely). We are starting with four of those and I will order more as I get them filled up. Since we are only taking things we use regularly, there’s not a lot of things we can pack this far in advance.

After spending a good part of my day yesterday luggage shopping, here’s my advice, if you need a suitcase shop TJ Maxx first! Their luggage was about half the price of everywhere else we looked. It was even less than the cheapies at Target. We did eventually find the leopard suitcase on sale at Sears, but it was still $10 more than the blue one that is exactly the same.

We are still looking forward to our cultural training on Monday and Tuesday. Tony and my instructor called today to meet me ahead of time (she had previously spoken to Tony). I was pleasantly surprised to answer the phone to an Indian accent on the other end. I was seriously concerned that we were going to be learning about India from a Texan or someone who read a book about India once. I have no knowledge other than the name of the girls’ instructor, but I wasn’t as concerned about her.

Bennett is under the weather today. He took a nap this morning and when he woke up, came to me crying. He was panicked that he hadn’t packed anything for India yet. He didn’t have any clothes ready and he was concerned that we hadn’t packed any toys. It took me a minute to figure it out, but as he got more awake, we both figured out that he had been dreaming about moving and thought for a few minutes that we were leaving today. I promised him that we would take all of his Legos and his Transformers. He decided a little later that I should probably pack some clothes for him too, but the Legos were most important.

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One thought on “New Luggage

  1. Any idea what brand the purple case is called? That the one I used to have but the airline lost and they keep asking if I know the brand name!? Thanks in advance!

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